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Wednesday, May 26, 2004


A new best friend

A couple years ago I found Crazy Browser with its wonderful tabs and since then I haven't been able to use an untabbed browser without annoyance. Cary Browser is also supposed to block popups. Lately it hasn't done so well so I remembered hearing about MyIE2. I downloaded and tried it and am now hooked! Both pop-up and ad blocking, gestures to switch tabs/reload/close a tab, and even skins. Unfortunately it means I'm still using the Internet Explorer backend. Someday I'll feel up to switching to Firfox. And eventually Camino or Safari. (Yes, they only run on Macs. I'm buying one some day.)

Sunday, May 23, 2004


When TV comedy was good and clean

I spent a couple hours this afternoon watching part of a 48 hour marathon of Green Acres. It's a funny show and isn't burdened by multiply storylines. Much of the comedy comes from Oliver and Lisa Douglas' difficulty in communicating or from farmhand Eb's simpleness. It's a very enjoyable show. No dirtiness or inappropriate behavior means that little kids can watch, too. Wish they made more shows like this today.

Thursday, May 20, 2004


Mini Reviews

I used to have a Yahoo email account and got sick of spam so I got an account at Fastmail a year and a half ago. In those 18 months I have recieved no more than 12 spam emails. Paying the one-time $15 has been worth it as there are no ads in the web interface or in my emails. Highly reconmmended.

The best RSS reader I have found so far has been Bloglines.com. I tried a couple different readers, but since I am using a number of different computers and the only time I need the reader is when I'm online, Bloglines is great.

Monday, May 17, 2004



Oh look, the script has arrived. Is this movie C now? Why can't we have nice things? Another frustrated IBM PC user. We'll be right back after this commercial.

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