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Wednesday, September 14, 2005



I recently found this in an old notebook of mine. I'm guessing its about 5 years old.

Thoughts spinning so fast
Spinning so fast they're tearing me up inside
Anger, frustration, people problems, and the like
Is it worth even thinking about?
Often not, but then
Sometimes it's necessary
Not in a enjoyable, fun way
But to remind us of our fragility
And our need for God in our lives

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Can I get a little more Guitar in my monitor?

I get so frustrated with Windows. Azotus's sound card hadn't worked all summer because it needed the right drivers. I had the file with the drivers, but it wouldn't install. Since having sound wasn't a high priority, I decided to forget about it.

Last week my brother went to a garage sale and found a sound card from around 1993 for me to use. So last night, just before performing surgery to add the new sound card, I checked the device manager to remember what it said was wrong with my old one. Now it read "the device is working properly." Seeing that it should be working fine, I connected speakers, and sound came out!!! Now it's working again. I wish I could explain it, but I can't. I guess that's Windows for ya. (I still want a Mac)

Since I could listen to the music I have on my computer, I listened to the DiJohn concert from the last Spring Conference, Inside (from the Lux Gathering 7-30-04) by Ben Tipler, and Dim by Nada. This also means that I can listen to messages I've saved from Noel Heikkinen.

(The post title is a quote from Suarez at the beginning of one of the Nada recordings. I believe that on this track Nada consisted of Chris on drums, Suarez on guitar, Dave on bass and vocals, and Ben on vocals.)

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