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Tuesday, July 20, 2004


I, Robot

I saw the film I, Robot yesterday. It was worth the $5.25 I paid. I won't rehash the plot, but will bring out a couple points. They make the "bad guy" look like its the robot manufacturer, but its not. When you do find out who it is, you go "that makes sense." Overall the film keeps good pace and doesn't make many mistakes. The only place where it starts to fall apart is at the end when they start wrapping things up and leave a few questions unanswered. I might rent or even buy this movie when it comes out later.


I'm sorry, you can't throw that away

Are they taking the right precautions or are they taking things too far.

If they're serious about having no bombs in any trashcans, why don't they have a "waste disposal agent" at each canister that inspects each piece of trash to ensure its not a bomb before it gets thrown away.

And I make that suggestion tongue-in-cheek.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Bloglines Upgrade

Bloglines updated their Web-based RSS reader last week. I have just a few thoughts about it. Overall it feels busier and could be more confusing for a newbie than the previous version.

- Basic blog
- Sorting of feeds (A-Z, Z-A, etc.)
- It remains free!

I do have a couple of wishes though:
- Ability to control the thinkness of the separation line. Being as small as it is it stays out of the way but is more dificult to grab than in the previous version.
- Having more options in the blog section, such as edit post time, comments, and ability to create drafts.
- Ability to directly edit the rss feed URL without having to resubscribe when the URL changes.

I would even be willing to pay (up to $20-$25 one time, or about $5/yr.) if it had blogging features on par with Blogger.

Friday, July 09, 2004



I rented the movie Frequency with some friends last night. If you can get past the improbability of how the father and son communicated, it's a great movie. It is a thriller in the sense that as the son has his father change things in the past, specifically keeping both parents from being killed, as well as finding a serial killer. The pacing worked great throughout the movie until the very, very end when they had a 'happy' song playing while shots of the family and friends played baseball like nothing had happened and all is good in the world. It just had broken the 'justice has been done' mood. Otherwise an excellant movie.

Thursday, July 01, 2004


Firefox update

This week I decided to use only Firefox at school. So far my complants from my previous post haven't been deal breakers. The only problem I've had is that I was able to get an adblocker on one of the two machines, but now I'm unable to get it to load on the other one. Within a day or so I'll have it installed at home too. Make sure Firesomething is installed as well (its funny). Since using Firefox has been so enjoyable, it makes using Internet Explorer seem quaint and so 1999 to 2001-ish.

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