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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Finals are now completed. I now have lots of free time to work. Yay!

Thursday, December 09, 2004


Christmas lights

I just discovered one of the better uses of the internet......watching a webcam showing you the christmas lights you're turning on or off!


Knowledge is power...or is it?

So yesterday i'd been studying all afternoon, and as i'm finishing up supper, there is a knock at the door. An older lady with white hair and a purple overcoat that squecks, is standing there.

Honestly I've already forgotten the specifics of what she said, but what I do remember is something about how someday the earth will be renewed and there will be no more hunger, sickness, and the like. It will be the Garden of Eden She is holding a Bible and turns to psalm 37 and says that is such a great chapter with the proimise in verse 37 that says "Turn from evil and do good, and you will live in the land forever" (NLT) Actually it was phrased differently in the version that she had. The point was that "do good and you will live on earth forever".

A little later she mentions that since Moses, Abraham, and others in the old testament died before Jesus came, the won't be in heaven, but resurrected in the renewed earth. I'm not a scholar, and this was one of those times I wish I was, but doesn't the Bible talk about how everyone that has accepted Jesus as their savior will be in heaven? I'm not saying she was wrong, I just don't know; only God knows. The idea struck me as missing the point. Isn't it about spending eternity in heaven with God, and not suffering without him in hell?

Later on she gets into that to have everlasting life, you have to know the Bible, and not just keep that knowledge to yourself, but to share it with others. Even though she talked about Jesus and that he was a great speaker, there was no mention of giving your life to Christ to become saved and go to heaven. I was frustrated that I lack the skills to even debate or discuss this issue with her. During this conversation, she had a couple verses supporting what she was talking about. As I listened to her read them, they struck me as being either being misinterpreted or mistranslated. I am amazed that those who know something close to the truth, but not the actual truth itself, can be hard to talk to.

She turned out to be a Jahoviahs Witness, as I had expected. I was given a booklet entitled "Knowledge that leads to everlasting life" and was invited to a bible study on Sundays.

In looking at a couple verses while writing this, I come across this one: "Avoid godless, foolish discussions with those who oppose you with their so-called knowledge. Some people have wandered from the faith by following such foolishness." (1 Timothy 6:20b-21) Maybe it was a good thing that I wasn't in a mood to discuss this in detail.

Monday, December 06, 2004


It wasn't so bad

Sometimes things don't go as bad as you expect them to. As commented on Nathan's blog, few people, if anyone really, likes the front end manager at my work. It took her awhile to get the groove of working in the grocery business, everyone has gotten frustrated with her at some point, and she has days where she is a in bad mood and is difficult to work with. So this means that I wasn't looking forward to talking to her about working during Christmas break from school.

The union (UFCW 653, BTW) that the store is in has a minimum 15 hour workweek. I was able to get a "peak-part time" position this fall which allowed me to work 0-20 hours a week and get paid a couple dollars more an hour since I wouldn't get insurance or retirement. However when Christmas break rolls around, instead of working up to 20 hours a week, I wanted close to full time hours. I dropped her a note a couple weeks ago saying I would be available everyday after school, once it is done. This past weekend I didn't have any hours on the schedule that covered the weekend right after school is done. I wasn't very happy with that. Plus they hadn't changed my pay rate, to which I was kinda annoyed by, but I also kinda didn't care since I've been happy to have a job.

So this past weekend I figured I needed to talk to her about getting hours during break. I expected the worst. It turns out she had talked to the administrative person and they are able to change things so that I can work a lot during break which is great. Then things slowly transitioned into my pay rate, which she said she'd look into me getting my back pay. Then she asked something about my hours on the newest schedule, and I replied that I had none. For some reason, the computer schedule had me listed as not being available that weekend. My manager then gave me three shifts that weekend, more then I had even expected. The whole trip in to talk to her went so much better than I had ever expected. I had planned on talking to her only about working during break, but everything that was frustrating me and was heavy on my mind was taken care of. When I left and went to church, I was in such a thankful mood to God, for he had done more than I was even expecting when I went to talk to her.

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