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Thursday, April 12, 2007


Returning Messages

I got a message from "Crystal" on Myspace and thought it good for me to be nice and friendly.
Hey handsome!
Thanks for noticing!
I love your pix babe.
Wow, you do? You mean the two that are the same? Thanks.
I was lookin at your profile,
I'm glad you weren't eating it or trying to use it for world peace or anything illegal.
I had to give you a message.
You mean the one you've typed out to me?
You don't have a girlfriend yet right?
I may not be perfect, but did you have to point that out? I've been trying to pick them up at the Apple store or at Radio Shack, but they keep running away mumbling something about washing their hair. Wait a minute, are you offering?
That's it? That's your message? Fine then, forget you.
As I was typing my response, a friend of "Crystal's" named "SeXXXie" decided to ask for help.
Hey..Just thought I would say whats up..
Um, florescent lights, steel girders, and the roof.
I'm trying to figure out how to add music and video to my page..
I don't like the music or videos on myspace pages, why would I help you then?
I have NO CLUE lol...can u help?
Go to the nearest hardware store and get yourself a clue-by-four.
u got M-S-N or A-I-M? Add me on those, my info is on my page...
I travel a lot and will be in ur area soon so hit me up on M-S-N or A-I-M..
You should take the clue train here, the tracks are just outside my window.
I'm just tryin to meet some new people :) ur myspace page caught my eye... xoxox
I glad that my unmodified, plain-jane page caught your eye. Perhaps the contrast, lack of music, or non-suckiness is what did it. Say hi to "Crystal" for me.

Monday, April 09, 2007



Dinner Accessories:

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