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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Spiritual Bicycle

On my walk home from school last night I was thinking about an idea that I had 2 and half years ago as I was leaving for School in Mankato. Since I initially wasn't planning on driving home to work, I would have likely been out of contact with friends and family. During that time I planned to become a spiritual giant. I don't know why that term was the one that stuck with me, because all that I was thinking about was that I would read the Bible and pray regularly, and become a well rounded Christian. There probably was some pride in there, too.

The reality: it hasn't happened. At times I was reading almost every day, at other times it was 3-4 times a week, and currently I'm working hard to get back into the habit. Prayer usually has consisted of the couple minutes that I lay in bed before sleep and half-hearted prayers as I walk to or from school.

I've become bored with life, unsettled, unsatisfied, and unexcited about anything unless it temporarily satisfies me or needs to be done to finish school. A result of not reading and praying.
Back to last night. For some reason the phrase "spiritual bicycle" popped into my head. And I liked it. Something to do with the ability to ride a bicycle even if you haven't ridden in years. Yes you can do it, but its not perfect. Say God is 10 times better than lance Armstrong and he wants to go for a ride 100 mile through the beautiful countryside with you. If you haven't built up your endurance or even ridden in a while, you will have difficulty keeping up. God won't get mad or make fun of you, nor will he be able to fully enjoy the ride because he knows that you are struggling to simply keep up. And you won't enjoy it either. Your mind will be too focused on how tired you are, how much your legs hurt, that the sun keeps beating down on you, and that 100 miles is too long of a distance to go to even want to look at your surroundings.

I don't know how this analogy really fits into things, but it just struck me how similar it can be to our relation ship with God. We can always go "bike riding with God", yet it's more enjoyable if we have practiced.

Monday, January 30, 2006


Just as good the second time

I've seen the movie countless times and already read the book once, but I'm very engrossed into reading The Hunt for Red October. I've had the book in my hand for 3 days and I'm half done with it. Homework and sleep, you two can wait, I've got a good book to read.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Detailed comments on "I like Emergents"

These are my comments on Mike's "Read this, then let me know what you think of it."

I just read Emergent delusion prior to reading Mike's link. It probably has biased my responses, but I hope you stick with me.

1. Agreed. Too many people, myself included, put on the "everything's OK" face when it comes to sins, public or private.

2. I guess I agree.

3. Actually I'm confused about what he means by 'missional.' I want to say he's referring to sending mission trips, yet the rest of his point doesn't relate to that at all.

4. I couldn't call Schindler's List or a U2 Concert spiritual. The light show at the Trans-Siberian Orchestra was awesome, but there wasn't anything spiritual about it. I could say that they have emotional impact. And that's me regarding 'spiritual' as from God, not as the author is likely meaning spiritual as affecting the soul.

5. It strikes me as such a contradiction. I probably have areas where I hold two opposing views simultaneously, but it is more of a problem of sin than 'courage' to do so. Very post-modern (culture, not the church in this case).

6. He starts to sound like a bitter liberal. Doesn't really matter, neither party is "Right."

7. So if I say "you suck" with the right "tone," it's OK? Is the 'means' by which it is done more important than the end result?

8. I guess I agree. Though there is the implication that big churches hinder people from getting to know one another well.

9. Something about this one bugs me, but I can't put my finger on it. I don't completely disagree with him, there's just too much emphasis on the journey.

10. Grace = Good. Grace, understanding, and acceptance of other religions, so as to put them on a pedestal with yourself = BAD.

A couple things bug me though. 1. There is a, intentional or not, a leaning to the liberal/left side of the political spectrum. 2. There is an assumption that the previous generation had it wrong, and that this new 'emergent' or 'emerging' generation can get it right.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My month of parole is over. In six months I will have served my sentence in the halls of academia. That means finding a job, a place to live, and paying off school loans. Guess it's time to grow up.

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